Blueprint+ Process

How Our Design + Build Method Works



During our initial site visit and meeting, the CARVELL Design + Build Team takes the time to learn about our client’s desires and vision for their property or business.  We actively listen to identify the necessities that start to mold the overall form and function to initiate schematic design.  We also start developing a construction budget with our client. We typically request any existing plans, surveys, sketches, etc., if available, or we may be required to perform a field and site survey to measure-up and document all existing conditions of the building and site to identify the starting point of the project.



Some of the most pertinent information may cause a project to become more limited than envisioned, or even not feasible to develop or build.  Sometimes also, the intended use of the building may not be allowable in a certain neighborhoods.  This is the phase where we perform a thorough evaluation reviewing the local municipality code information and building data to insure that the property will enable the project’s proposed use, and to identify any building or site restraints for the following items below to determine their impact related to the project feasibility or preliminary budget:

  • Zoning Requirements and Restrictions
  • Allowable Building Use and Buildable Area
  • Building Type, Size and Height Restrictions
  • Required Parking Spaces
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Utility or Public Easements
  • Building and Paving Setback Lines
  • Specialty City Ordinances & Requirements
  • Storm Water Drainage Requirements
  • Property Ingress and Egress, Driveways and Alleys
  • Availability of Main Utility Services
  • Availability Telephone and Internet Broadband
  • Future Road or Construction Zones
  • Signage & Public Way Requirements
  • Deed Restrictions
  • Platting Requirements
  • Flood Zones



Our Design + Build Team discusses the goals for the project and we draft initial floor plan layout options addressing the needs and desires of the client’s vision. Having over 25 years of design and building experience, we feel it’s our obligation to offer thorough recommendations, considerations or points of view that are proven desirable, successful and noteworthy.  This enables us to assist in resolving any existing restraints and to help maximize the intended use of the project. Upon the next meeting, the owner and team will collectively review the Conceptual Design Drawings, (which may include: floor plans and furniture layout, building and interior elevations, building sections and details, site and landscape plans), to discuss in-depth the overall drawing set.  Any other options and final observations of the Design + Build Team, along with the final comments incorporated from client’s input will be addressed. At this point our clients are requested to start focusing on final consideration of the interior and exterior material finishes as they may impact the structure and/or project budget.



Here is where the conceptual thoughts start to take form. The Design + Build Team provides our  client with a preliminary set of working drawings that starts to illustrate the project as it would appear when submitted for building permit and the initiating of construction documents. Once building permit drawings are near completion, the drawing set can be detailed and sent out for construction pricing, final finishes can be selected and then drawings can be developed into construction documents. This is where we take every detail into account, defining all the materials to be incorporated and the sequence and method of how they are going to be installed. This phase works out all the technical aspects of the project, scheduling sequence and elaborates on the design finishes along with getting an accurate expectation of the cost of construction finalized.



We practice a continuous process of cost control beginning on the day we are selected as part of the Project Team. We focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation and ongoing review of costs to help you maximize your budget dollars from the preliminary project budgeting phase through completion of construction.  As the design process develops, we maintain a watchful eye in reference to the client’s budget, providing advice as to cost management, timing of schedule and constructability of project. We additionally can make cost reduction or value engineering recommendations, which are typically sensitive to the client’s financial expectations while preserving the overall design intent.



Finally your project begins to materialize and your vision starts to evolve into reality. Our project managers at CARVELL Design + Build provide dedicated and continual client communication that keeps you up to speed with every step of the building process. We provide a “Hands On” Design + Build approach to our daily on-site coordination and monitoring of all phases of construction and installation of trade work.  Our clients find they receive a higher level of leadership and problem solving ability inside the details, different from typical construction management and field monitoring.  This becomes most important when your project demands a detailed and timely orchestrated completion within an accurate budget and ongoing document control.  Leave all The Details to us!  Our Design + Build Team will also source and procure all of your specialty finish materials, furnishings and accessories.  We can even install and deliver a turnkey set-up.   CARVELL Design + Build is the trusted partner that can design + build your project from start to finish.  We will lead you through the process starting from the initiation of schematic design all the way through the execution of building, concluded with handing you the keys to your distinctively unique built project.