About Evey Nikolaidis


With 25 years of experience working in the Residential and Commercial Interior Design Industry, Evey Nikolaidis offers her clients an in-depth perspective and unique stylistic design approach. She sets herself apart with her ability to take what is trending and showcase it in a variety of selections of specialty fixtures, mixed materials, and customized furnishings designed distinctively for each client’s vision or product brand.

As a longtime principal of AEN Designs (16yr.), and previously with Kayhan International in Chicago IL (7yr.), Evey holds a BA in Interior Design from Columbia College, Chicago IL.  Evey also spent many years in Chicago as a highly referred designer of the Merchandise Mart, and a Certified Licensed Feng Shui Practitioner.

Evey draws upon her cultured experiences and influences to achieve creative results of sophistication and elegance that speaks her client’s special message or product brand.  Her sense of style is inspired by the calming and beauty of simplistic balance that derives from the soul’s conscious energy.  Her love for various artistic mediums, mainstream fashion and clothing design, mixed materials of all sorts, spirituality and meditation all help add a depth to her inspiration.

When not designing for her clients, Evey enjoys yoga, hiking and biking in nature, healthy eating, and entertaining and cooking large dinners for her family and friends.


Typically a room exists with certain deficiencies that you have to work around when you are trying to find the perfect layout. With her knowledge of Feng Shui practices, Evey utilizes a variety of design techniques to feature and set specific placement of furnishings, accessories and artwork finding a certain geometry and symmetry to create the best function and feeling. Her passion is to create welcoming and elegant rooms with focus on bringing the natural elements of the external environment into the space.  This transforms space into more than just an attractive room – it becomes a catalyst to improve and balance our clients’ functionality, health and lifestyle.